When Is It Time For Expansion Of Your Commercial Building?

When Is It Time For Expansion Of Your Commercial Building?

At times it makes the most sense to expand an existing commercial building. This can be a more cost-effective approach to growth or changes within an organization vs. having to build new or relocate.

The garage where Steve Jobs launched Apple is currently a historic site. The most celebrated tech company in the world did not remain in that office. Nowadays, it is headquartered in California, with hundreds of retail stores across the world. Equally, perhaps your company is getting to the point where you require extra space.

It is easy to see needing a larger commercial space as demanding, but this sign of growth should, without a doubt, be celebrated. Here are a few signs it is time for the expansion of your commercial building.

Your employees aren’t comfortable working.

Do your offices consist of cubicles or workspaces that are too snug? Are your employees struggling to find some space to hold meetings? Are your new hires working from the hallways? If you operate an eatery, are your waiters almost bumping into each other while serving customers? If you answered yes to any of the above questions, then it might be time to expand.  

Businesses should always aim towards the convenience and well-being of their staff. Inefficiency can be destructive for workplace productivity and employee morale. Thus, your commercial space should be as functional and comfortable as possible to achieve maximum productivity from your workers.

Clients’ comfort

If you have regular customers that need to maneuver around boxes and obstacles to access your offices, this could be harmful to your professionalism. In other words, you customers shouldn’t need to step around furniture or climb over boxes every time they visit your commercial premises. Again, if you see that happening, it’s time you contacted a construction company to help you expand your business premises.

Unavailability of storage space

When you are short of storage space, your commercial premises quickly become a disorganized and cluttered area overflowing with files and packing boards lying everywhere. As such, the non-availability of storage space also constitutes a justifiable reason why you should start considering expanding your commercial building.      

New technologies and products

With each technical innovation or advancement, companies go all-out to update themselves so that they get a competitive edge over their competitors. New technology means new equipment and machinery. Ultimately, this always translates to space-related issues. For example, new tech advancement in robotics may require redesigning and expanding your commercial building in order to optimize its uses.  

Additionally, if you wish to develop or launch new product lines, you might require extra tools or even additional workers to fill those orders successfully.

Building expansion may be the perfect option for you.

It is evident that expanding your current commercial building gives you the benefits of remodeling and relocation, but without the cost or restriction linked to each. For instance:

  • Expansion gives you enough space to run your operations without moving
  • Moderate expense – Although it may be more costly than remodeling, it will likely be less expensive than a new building construction project.
  • Through expansion, you can still modernize the entire design of your commercial building in a way that is cohesive and fresh.  

Questions to ask your expansion contractor

Choosing a construction company to handle your expansion needs is not an easy matter. All companies will promise the world; however, are they up to the task? Try asking the contractors on your shortlist the following questions:

  • Have you completed projects like these before? If possible, they should also show you their portfolio.
  • Can you assemble reliable personnel to meet our scheduling needs?
  • What steps will you take to ensure my business keeps running during the expansion period? If you don’t have the luxury of a construction-ready site, completing an expansion project while work remains ongoing is often the only option. You won’t be entirely free from interruptions; however, through careful planning, you can typically continue operations.  That continuity and staying in operation benefits those you serve, be it patients, customers, or students.
  • We may need to expand again in the future. What measures will you observe during this project to make the next one seamless?

These kinds of jobs are challenging; there is no getting around it. However, the right construction company combines a knack for planning with accessibility and flexibility to ensure the job gets completed as per your expectations.

Contact commercial expansion experts at RCL Construction Co.

Adding onto your commercial building is a significant step. It is a crucial investment in your future. As a full-service and experienced construction company in Michigan, you can count on RCL Construction Co. to offer expert services in all matters of commercial building expansion. We will ensure your expansion is professionally managed from budgets, timelines, and communication, which will allow for a pleasant experience during this complicated but important process.  

With us on board, there may be better options to selling your current business location and going through the trouble of moving due to space limitations. Stay in your established business location and expand out with new offices, extended conference space, bathrooms, or whatever your business requirement’s may be. 

Contact us today so we can set up an appointment and help make your commercial addition desires come true!

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