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Preplanning is the preliminary form of strategizing before the start of a construction project. The goal is to appreciate the full scope of a construction project and its requirements. When the preplanning stage is executed successfully, it sets the tone for the whole project, helping ensure its completion on budget and on time.

When you partner with RCL construction, our experienced team acts as a knowledgeable and reliable source and help you identify the realistic and achievable milestones that support the project’s success.

Thinking ahead….for you

At RCL Construction, preplanning services are not just about budgets, estimations, or numbers. Preplanning is about people. It is defined by trust and relationships — based on our reliable and honest counsel. We always aim to deliver on our promises and prepare our customers for every potential problem, even before the project starts.

Our preplanning services are designed to eliminate challenges, anticipate surprises, and develop prompt solutions to guarantee efficient project delivery.

A sampling of our preplanning services includes site evaluation, constructability reviews, value engineering, selection of the best building system for your project, determining the project’s feasibility, and more. The most vital part of any preplanning, however, is proactive communicating. We work side-by-side with all our clients, balancing budgets and goals so that all project deadlines are met.

Our experience has continuously taught us that early involvement is important. This allows us to better identify with the project and how it relates to the client’s needs and expectations.

Avoid potential issues with our preplanning services

Never overlook the importance of preplanning. Let’s preplan with you so that your next project can run as effortlessly as possible. Contact us today to learn more.

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