General Contracting

General Contracting

RCL Construction turns your ideas, plans, and designs into reality. As a true builder, we are passionate about the General Contracting (GC) delivery method. Whether it is a hard-dollar bid or negotiated project, we understand the bidding process well and guarantee unsurpassed professionalism in every general contracting project we take charge of.

RCL Construction as your general contractor

As your general contractor, we organize and execute commercial construction projects of varying sizes, including overseeing and supervising daily operations, serving as the main point of contact, and hiring subcontractors, suppliers, and laborers.

What are we responsible for?

When you opt for our general contracting services, we will ensure timely completion of your construction projects and are responsible for:

  • Guiding you through the permitting process
  •  Ordering and securing building materials
  • Inspecting and overseeing your projects for optimal quality control
  • Communicating with you and updating you on major milestones throughout the project
  • Managing subcontractors
  • Troubleshooting workflow bottlenecks
  • Ensure safety in the workplace
  • Ensuring compliance in regard to insurance, taxes, licensing, and other fees

In a word, as your GC, we understand every aspect of your construction project, including:

  • Building process
  • Building codes
  • Staff scheduling
  • Contracting
  • Relationships

Difference between a GC and a subcontractor

Under most conventional construction work models, the GC is the quarterback who hires out and organizes all the different aspects of a project. They are usually the ones who enter into a contract with the project owner. The 3rd –party specialists they hire — such as plumbers, painters, electricians, roofers, and others — are what are referred to as subcontractors.

It is not unusual to hire upwards of 20 subcontractors for a standard project. But, managing all these diverse teams can sometimes become a challenge. In fact, when managed improperly, it may lead to unnecessary expenses. That’s where RCL construction comes in.

We are experienced general contractors and can prevent these downfalls by professionally coordinating our team and subcontractors towards working on the same goal.

Most importantly, choosing us as your GC means you will save big on labor and building materials. Any GC worth your money must have an extensive network of laborers and suppliers who provide labor and sell materials at a discounted rate.

Simplify the contracting process with RCL construction

If you are looking for a general contractor who can coordinate all the critical aspects of your construction project without driving up material, labor, or unexpected costs — turn to the specialists at RCL construction. We will help you navigate each phase of the general contracting process and ensure you create something special.

Ready to get started? Give us a call today!

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