RCL Construction acts as a turnkey Design-Build (D-B) contractor that beats the need to hire and manage multiple contractors.

Design-Build construction delivery method

As the name suggests, D-B is a streamlined project delivery approach that unites builders and designers under one contract instead of hiring each separately.

You are basically combining designers, construction specialists, and project managers into a single team that shares a master vision — and that’s what we exactly do best here at RCL construction.  We unify the whole process, working towards a joint vision, while providing clients with one point of contact in every stage of their project.

Design-Build vs. traditional delivery

So, why would anyone opt for the conventional multi-contractor delivery approach instead of a design-build contractor model? Until a few years ago, the traditional approach — usually known as “design-bid-build” — was popular, but often led to competing interests and complicated relationships. Under this model, each component of the construction plan was split up into various separate assignments that would be hired out to subcontractors and contractors based on competitive bidding.

Theoretically, this bidding was intended to achieve cost savings at every project phase. But in reality, this model too often created a chaotic web of complications and miscommunication that ended up costing building owners more money than they expected to save. That is why D-B became exceedingly popular over the last two decades and nowadays account for nearly half of all new builds.

Be on-time and on-budget with the Design-Build delivery method

Schedule and cost reduction benefits

Design-build allows RCL Construction to speed up the delivery schedule by carrying out design and construction services simultaneously. A shorter schedule means significant cost savings for you. This is particularly true at RCL Construction, where design and construction management services are offered in-house. As a result, communication is usually seamless and ongoing with no gaps.

Single point of responsibility

One of the notable benefits to D-B is the single point of responsibility. Traditionally, building owners contacted engineers/architects, got a design, and then bid the project to a separate contractor. Here at RCL Construction, we take responsibility for the entire design phase, planning, and construction of the project. As our client, you are never forced between multiple contracted parties, which considerably reduces your risk.

Increased collaboration

RCL Construction relies on flawless communication between all the parties involved to ensure success. D-B model encourages collaboration between the project’s owner and designers, architects, construction managers, and engineers throughout the project’s duration. This helps to prevent any chance of contradictory input further down the line.

You will enjoy working with us on a Design-Build basis

Our design-build construction model puts everybody under the same roof; design, construction, and project management are all supervised by the same team — an approach made possible thanks to the RCL Construction team’s robust roaster of in-house specialists. This means fewer moving parts, a singular point of contact, and a more unified vision that helps transform your project from a mere design to a real building.

Ready for Design-Build services that focus on your objectives?

If you are considering a D-B construction or remodeling project, get in touch with us today, and we can put our experienced and resourceful team to work for you!

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