A tough, durable foundation is fundamental for any construction project, but it is particularly vital when dealing with industrial and commercial buildings.  Such facilities need to have trust in their concrete foundation, as even a minor blunder can lead to warping or cracking that requires costly replacement or restoration.

At RCL construction, we have spent over 30 years working with diverse clients in Michigan to install, replace, repair, and inspect high-performance concrete works. We draw on many years of experience of successful construction projects to provide quality concrete services at affordable prices unmatched in the region.

Our spectrum of concrete construction solutions

RCL Construction specializes in containment walls, raised foundations, slab-on-grade foundations, concrete pads, bollards, just to mention a few. When you contact us, our team will discuss in detail what all these options entail and ensure you go for the most appropriate concrete type for your needs.

Containment walls

Concrete containment structures combine a rock-solid foundation with vertical concrete walls to prevent hazardous gases or chemicals from escaping an industrial building. They are widely used in processing plants, which handle any materials that could be easily contaminated.

RCL Construction designs and builds retaining walls to specification, matching the reinforcement, concrete, coatings, and plans to the specific application. Usually, overlooking any of these variables could lead to a wall breakdown, endangering not only the property inside but also the employees, environment, and the local community.

Slab-on-grade foundations

Slab-on-grade comprises a single, thick concrete layer poured over reinforcement rods. Typically, the edges are poured a little thicker to create a supportive footing.

Slab foundations are cheaper and easier to construct in a favorable environmental setting. However, cold environments, steep grades, and subpar soil conditions can all limit the functionality of a slab-on-grade foundation, even making it hard to install or susceptible to cracking. However, here at RCL Construction, no concrete work is too complex for us. We promise to offer efficient and quality workmanship that you will be proud of for many years to come.

Raised foundations

Unlike slab foundations which employ the edges as a supportive footing, raised foundations are erected on a layer of footing supported by piers. Often, this design is perfect for environments that can’t hold up a slab foundation due to geographical or climatic factors.

By engaging the RCL Construction team, you are assured of a raised concrete foundation that can endure any form of wear and pressure. Our team will prepare your concrete with care, keeping in mind the harsh weather condition experienced in Michigan.

Industrial applications

RCL Construction serves clients in a wide range of clients in the industrial sector with quality concrete surfaces. Every industrial building requires a sturdy foundation, and we are sure that we can meet your unique requirements. The result is an industrial facility that is built to last so that you can run your operations without any hitches.

Get in touch with us for your next concrete project in Michigan

Our goals and actions focus on doing quality concrete work for anyone who comes in contact with us. Whatever you need — concrete foundation, concrete placing, replacement, finishing, containment walls, and more — you can always rely on RCL Construction’s able team.

Contact us and add quality and professionalism to your next concrete project!

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