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Building Commercial and Industrial Projects Since 1982

Since Ronald Bauer, Charles Bellows, and Les Wetherell founded RCL construction in 1982, our mission has always been the same.  To build iconic commercial and industrial spaces that inspire success.

Currently owned and operated by Rod and Ryan Bauer, RCL Construction has become the go-to company for design-build and general contracting services in Michigan.

What we do

Does your building make a great first impression? At RCL Construction, we understand what it takes to create world-class commercial and industrial spaces. We build spaces that authentically express your organization’s brand story.

Our team works on a wide range of construction projects, including retrofits, new builds, and repurposed spaces. We source materials, assemble a capable team of architects, designers, and engineers, and even collaborate with subcontractors so that we can bring your concept to life successfully.

The first thing we build is trust

Our ability to communicate honestly and openly sets us apart. We appreciate that every project is unique, and thus we take ample time to listen to our clients’ needs. We then go ahead and customize our services to meet those unique requirements. Above all, we strive to constantly provide progress reports and keep our clients informed of any significant milestones.

Great construction projects require constructive thinkers

We are in the commercial construction business. However, more than anything else, we are good problem solvers. Our team of professionals is constantly finding new approaches to tackle challenges, laying emphasis on collaboration between stakeholders, designers, architects, and engineers.

An overview of our core values

  • Passion — for our work, our clients, and for detail
  • Integrity — in everything we do
  • Honesty — in all interactions
  • Collaboration — on every stage of the project
  • Commitment — to client, suppliers, subcontractors, and employees
  • Built-In Satisfaction — for every client who seeks our services

Let’s get in touch

Whether your project is in the design stage or is just an idea that you are planning to execute in the future, we welcome the opportunity to discuss your project with you. Schedule and budget, as well as a building’s aesthetics and functionality, always receive equal consideration in our construction process. So contact us today and become another of RCL Construction’s satisfied clients.

Our Services

Pre- Planning

A successful construction project starts long before the first shovel strikes the ground. RCL Construction offers a one-stop shop for a variety of preplanning and feasibility support activities.


Whether constructing a new commercial building or remodeling an existing one, our architectural and design team has the expertise to create unique environments that are eye-catching.


RCL Construction multiple contractor licenses throughout the U.S. and has a reputation for delivering some of the most challenging commercial projects ever to be built.


Achieving perfection in concrete work is usually not an easy task. It requires a lot of accuracy and skills. Our expertise in concrete technology, when complemented with those of the general contracting, will always offer you unmatched service and quality.


The correct framing of a commercial building ensures that the rest of the structure works in harmony while the final touch is always what you will see for years to come. Our skilled carpenters have a keen eye for detail to create that mastery finish which you will forever be proud of.


Every business ultimately needs physical improvements that can’t be achieved by having a fresh coat of paint or buying new furniture. RCL Construction excels at developing customized renovation plans that address your interior, exterior, and even the surrounding infrastructure.

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